Sponsorship of US Military Personnel | Thanksgiving Lunch – November 2014


Dear Members and Friends

Among the most poignant highlights of our Thanksgiving lunches are surely the presence of the US Military personnel, who have shared this quintessentially family holiday with The American Club of the Riviera. Far away from home, they have so much appreciated being welcomed into our family for this one special day, and, in turn, have enriched our experiences of Thanksgiving.

The Club has historically invited approximately 8 service men/women, but this number has been insufficient to satisfy all of our members’ desires to have at least one of these fine young people at each table. This year, The Board of Governors is asking our Members to sponsor individuals so that we might extend our hospitality.

The cost of the Thanksgiving 2014 lunch in Monaco will again be 90 Euros, and each contribution in that amount will permit us to invite another young service man/woman.

Please advise me if you can support this initiative, and, if so, whether you would wish your contribution acknowledged publicly or to be anonymous.

These checks should be payable to “The American Club of the Riviera” and sent to me at:

Palais de la Plage (Ent B), 1 Avenue Laugier, 06400 Cannes.

I thank you in advance for considering participation in this fine gesture by our Club.

Burton Gintell
President, – The American Club of the Riviera

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