Association of American Clubs (AAC)


As a member of ACR you are automatically a member of the continuously growing Association of American Clubs (AAC), allowing you to benefit from membership privileges and use of facilities from over 50 American clubs around the globe. You can also attend their events and activities at their special membership rates. The Association of American Clubs is a global alliance of American clubs that counts among its members over 50 American clubs around the world, on 4 different continents from Europe to Latin-America to South Africa to South Pacific.

These clubs, societies, and associations share the common goals of representing American spirit and culture, and fostering mutual understanding and friendship between their respective host countries and the United States. To add value to the individual clubs, reciprocal benefits are extended to all AAC member clubs. Local members are invited to participate in events and activities of any fellow AAC member clubs worldwide at membership rates. A member of the American Club of Rio de Janeiro, for example, enjoys a discount to the annual gala of the Czech-American Club of Prague. They are also welcome to use the facilities of AAC member clubs, where available, such as the magnificent clubhouse overlooking the opera house of the American Club of Sydney, or enjoy special entry to lunches with internationally recognized and prestigious speakers at the American Club of Lisbon. The AAC also serves to enhance the management of individual clubs, providing a new source to recruit new members, particularly as people relocate worldwide, and offering shared marketing efforts through a single website and harmonized messages.
Members also benefit from sharing information to improve their local clubs, such as creative ideas for events and fundraising initiatives. Member clubs of the AAC are invited to attend an Annual Conference, held at a different city each year, to discuss and debate issues of concern to Americans worldwide and to ensure membership benefits evolve and continue to address the needs of its ever-changing membership. In the fall of 2103, the American International Club of Rome hosted the conference. A year later, the American Club of Paris hosted the Association of American Clubs 12th conference. That time it was decided that all AAC members in good standing could attend and it was not limited just to officers. American International Club of Geneva organized the most recent conference which was held at the end of October, 2015.  This year it will be the American Club of the Riviera.

All ACR members in good standing can attend the activities of the host AAC club at their discounted member price. ACR members visiting one of these participating clubs must simply present a letter of introduction from the ACR office attesting to their eligibility. If you are a current member of ACR and will be attending an event at one of our member clubs, please contact us at a to receive your letter of introduction from our membership co-ordinator.

Look at the AAC website to see where all the clubs are located –