Wednesday 4th July – Flags will be waving and our pride is high! Join us for the fourth of July!

Wednesday 4th July – Flags will be waving and our pride is high! Join us for the fourth of July!

Dear Members and Friends,

Please join us in celebrating with all United States citizens, home and abroad, Independence Day. The day marks the official independence of the United States in 1776. The historic American Revolution came to a close when Great Britain decided to legally set free the 13 British colonies on American land. The Declaration of Independence was originally set to come out on July 2nd but the congress held it back and finally released it on July 4th, giving America a reason to rejoice forever.  The Fourth of July emerged to be much more than just an historic date; it became a nationwide festival for all American citizens – globally too.

Food plays an integral part in the celebration. We will barbecue ribs, chicken, beef, hamburgers, hot dogs, and corn, served with our favorite accompaniments. There will be potato salads, baked potatoes, mixed salads, watermelons and lots of ice cream. We will drink lemon punch, beer, wine, water and coffee.

Children under age 15 can, in addition to the food above, enjoy coquillettes with grated emmental and white ham, fish and chips, French beef cheeseburgers, sodas and ice Cream Surprises.

We will barbecue, sing, play bingo and enjoy friendship, food and have fun.

The well-known radio DJ Mark Dezzani will be there to host a sing-along and bingo game.

Time: Wednesday, Fourth of July from 12:00 – 17:00.

Address: Le Lagon – Mandelieu
930 Avenue de la Mer – 06210 Mandelieu
Tel. 04 93 59 27 53

Price: Members 50 Euros, Guests 60 Euros, Children (under 15), 20 Euros.
All nationalities are welcome to celebrate Fourth of July with us.

Dress code: Red, white and blue.

Parking: Outside the restaurant and across the street.

IMPORTANT: We need to receive your reservation payment no later than Friday June 29th if not sold out before. Cancellations past June 29th are subject to payment. Whichever payment method you choose, please indicate any dietary restrictions, your guests’ names, and seating preferences. WITHOUT PAYMENT YOUR RESERVATION CANNOT BE CONFIRMED. There will be no payments accepted at the entrance.

There are the following 3 methods of payment:

1. By PayPal or Credit Card below:

Wednesday 4th July Celebrations and Lunch at Le Lagon Mandelieu

2. PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN BANK DETAILS. Bank transfer (free for EU member states):
BIC: PRIVFRPP IBAN: FR76 2459 9610 3479 0869 2080 126
Bank: Barclays France SA, Cannes. Account: American Club of the Riviera.

3. Check payable to The American Club of the Riviera, and sent to our Treasurer, Mr. Richard Leblond at Residence St. James, 107 La Croisette, 06400 Cannes.

For any questions: please contact Daniel Lacy who is the Event Organizer

I look forward to celebrating the Fourth of July with you.

Beathe-Jeanette Lunde