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Saturday – May 17 | Lunch on the beach in Cannes during the 67th Film Festival
Dear Members and Friends EVENT SELLING FAST -  ALMOST FULLY BOOKED - BE QUICK Our May event will permit you to enjoy the atmosphere of the Cannes Film Festival, and to have an excellent lunch with Club members and guests at the Belle Plage Re View more

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The American Club Of The Riviera

The objectives of The American Club of the Riviera are to promote intellectual, economic, cultural and human relationships between residents and visitors of various nationalities on the Cote d’Azur. Furthermore the officers, governors and members encourage tourism from or to the Cote d’Azur, to welcome visiting important personalities as well as economic and cultural groups, particularly those of American nationality, and those coming from the USA.

Membership is open to all Nationalities.

The Club maintains a regular program of public and international relations for information and promotion of good will between organizations of general interests to the Club’s members. In addition, the Club is reaching out to co-operate with other organizations having similar aims and with all persons interested in developing these aims.



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