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The American Club Of The Riviera

The objectives of the Club is to cultivate professional, social and cultural relationships among Americans, French and other nationals living on or visiting the French Riviera. We preserve and share traditions, language and culture and to promote a continuing exchange of friendship and understanding between organisations of public interest with similar goals or purposes and members of the Club. We honor the French Riviera communities by using local resources and supporting local businesses.

The American Club’s goals rest on the foundation of shared values, including friendship, hospitality and civility in all interactions. Intercultural awareness, respecting, exploring and celebrating cultural differences and similarities. Inclusion and diversity.

It is a membership Club open to all Nationalities.


From left: Governor Cy Todd, Governor Ulrike Schlenter, Governor Jackie Pressman-Gintell, 2nd Vice President Klara Doert, Governor Judy Nash, President Emeritus & Governor Jaber Jallad, President Emeritus & Governor Burton Gintell, Legal Advisor and Secretary Sandra van Essche, President Beathe-Jeanette Lunde and Treasurer Richard Leblond.

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